Who We Are

We chose the word “coalition” for a reason. We are a group of individuals with a wide spectrum of political views from a variety of backgrounds who support the Mequon-Thiensville School District. We are working to prevent the waste of public resources on a recall effort. It’s our goal to provide our Mequon Thiensville community with non-partisan, unbiased information. We do not have to agree with every decision made in order to support our district. Working against the district on a recall only serves to distract and delay positive changes.

We believe in civil, thoughtful discourse and will not participate in, nor tolerate any personal attacks on individuals. Furthermore, we do not believe that the right to make your voice heard should in any way intrude on the privacy or rights of others. It is critical that we as a community act in a manner that is consistent with our goal of providing an excellent educational environment for our children that is inclusive and respectful. To date, our coalition has not and will not support, nor accept the support, of any individual or group conflicting with these values.


The Executive Committee of the Coalition to Support MTSD:
Becky Wudy
Jennifer Warrender
Nancy Urbani
Peter Bratt