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Rally in Support of Our Incumbent School Board Members!

Invite to join us to rally in support of our incumbent school board members

Join us on Monday, October 18, 2021 at Shully's in Thiensville to meet, greet, and dialogue with the incumbent school board candidates!

We are grateful to Shully's for reaching out and offering equal time to the incumbent school board members.

This is an open house format - come when you can and stay as long as you'd like! The event is free and anyone is welcome to attend. Social distancing will be encouraged and the doors/windows will be open for circulation to enable all to be comfortable.

In accordance with open meeting laws, candidates will circulate in and out of the room so that there is no question of a quorum.

Monday, October 18, 2021
6:30 - 8 pm
146 Green Bay Rd.
Thiensville, WI 53092

Non-Partisan? Non-Truth.

School board member is a non-partisan position and is supposed to be elected that way for a reason: Entrenched conflict based on ideology renders a body unable to operate in a meaningful way. Local government and school boards specifically need to be able to serve an entire community nimbly and effectively. No one, regardless of political affiliation, is claiming that state legislatures or the U.S. Congress are competently doing their job of serving the people. Poll after poll shows abysmal approval ratings for these 'governing' bodies. Are gridlocked local governments controlled by partisan actors - focused on their own agendas - really the future we want for our local governments and schools?

We firmly believe the ANSWER IS NO. If you agree, please support us, the incumbent school board members, and tell political parties to STAY OUT OF OUR CITY AND VILLAGE GOVERNMENTS.

They lied to people signing the petition. They lied to their vendors. They’re lying to you right now. Do you want these people in charge of our children’s education?

The Recall / Restore MTSD group has maintained all along they are non-partisan. However, over the last week, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Ozaukee County, the gubernatorial campaigns of Rebecca Kleefisch and Jonathan Wichmann, and the Patriots of Ozaukee County have all stepped out of the dark to reveal they are backing the 4 Recall / Restore candidates. Their social media posts expose the lie that Recall / Restore MTSD is just a local group of concerned apolitical parents.

Facebook post showing the Ozaukee County Republican Party actively supporting and advocating for Restore MTSD
Restore MTSD website FAQ claiming they and their candidates are non-partisan

Wisconsin Republican Party email calling for door-knockers
Twitter Restore MTSD promoting Rebecca Kleefisch event to influence Mequon election

Andrew Hopkins' Election was Paid for by Outside Political Groups

The Recall / Restore MTSD group spreads the narrative that Andrew Hopkins’ election to the school board is an example of the grassroots efforts of local parents. However, with a little closer inspection, this story, just like most of what the recall effort promotes, is false.

Andrew Hopkins spent $6,937.26 on his campaign. $4,603 of his donations came from the exact same outside groups trying to hijack the elections right now. If you add donations from those currently running for the board as Restore MTSD, that number rises to $5,103.

The truth is that the seat Andrew Hopkins occupies on the school board was bought and paid for by partisan groups outside of our community whose only goal is to hijack our local government as part of a national movement to expand partisan influence over non-partisan offices.

Friends of Andrew Hopkins Receipts

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Voter Card with Candidate Names

Downloadable Voter Card with Candidate Names

Critical Fact Flyer and Incumbent Bios

Downloadable Critical Fact Flyer and Incumbent Bios

Letter from Mayors and Village President

Downloadable Letter from Mayors and Village President

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Key Facts

2016 Tax Levy per student: $10.491
2020 Tax Levy per student: $11,124
Difference between 2016 and 2020: +6.0%
Inflation between 2016 and 2020: +6.7%


Even when including the 2021 increase due to the referendum, the MTSD Mill Rate* has DECREASED from $8.15 in 2016 to $7.96 in 2021.

* tax payable per $1,000 dollars of the assessed value of a property.


Declines in 2020 MTSD Milestone 1 Early Reading were a result of using winter data, not end of year data that could not be collected due to the pandemic.

As a governance board, there was no abdication of voting responsibilities and there is nothing legally questionable about how the MTSD Board of Education operates.

Why Support MTSD?

Faced with a novel, globally catastrophic event, everyone in the MTSD worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students. We are incredibly fortunate that our children and educators have been and continue to be resilient. We should be proud of our district and applaud their efforts.

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Governance Boards Empowering their Districts are Most Effective

Effective school boards are accountability driven, spending less time on operational issues and more time focused on policies to improve student achievement.

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Non-Partisan Collaboration

We should not fall prey to the partisan politics movement aimed at school boards that is sweeping across our nation. We are better together. Our volunteer School Board members are servant leaders who work together with administration toward our district’s vision: "Each student, every time, empowered to succeed.”

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