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Yet again! More bad behavior in Mequon-Thiensville! Your vote is critical to stop it.

Your vote is CRITICAL in the upcoming Spring Election. It has come to our attention that the Republican Party of Ozaukee County is funding and promoting a write-in campaign for School Board candidates to try and subvert non-partisan democracy for their own political gain yet again.

They are counting on a low voter turnout to hijack the seats for the candidates of their own choosing. Do not let that happen! Vote on Tuesday, April 2 or during the early voting period!

Mequon voting information can be found at

Thiensville voting information can be found at

Mary Gavigan and incumbents Shelley Burns and Andrew Hopkins are on the ballot for the 3 open school board seats. If you haven't met Mary yet, we encourage you to do so. Her resume is unparalleled, and her ideas will be pivotal to the challenges facing the district. Fun fact: that other pesky North Shore school district that keeps outranking MTSD, the one that the District's detractors keep pointing to as a shining example of what MTSD should achieve? Mary ran that district as their Superintendent.

We were cautiously optimistic that this Spring Election season would mark a return to a more civilized non-partisan process focused on the community. We should have known better. This ethically challenged attempt to again corrupt an election for political influence, coming on the eve of when district families are preparing for Spring Break, is as reprehensible as the people behind it.

In addition to Republican Party of Ozaukee County leadership, two former MTSD School Board candidates who failed in a preceding election are involved in this bad behavior. These candidates previously swore they had nothing to do with using our children as pawns for partisan politics. Their judgement and integrity must be questioned permanently.

It's incredibly disappointing that Andy Hopkins is allowing his name to be associated with this conduct. Perhaps he is unaware. You can let him know at We look forward to his statement condemning partisan politics in our schools. We would be happy to publish it.

As always, this community deserves better. Our children are watching.

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